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More Understanding, More Stable Cooperation.
Q: Is Mulan a manufacturer or a trader?

A: We are manufacturers, so you can enjoy Mulan real factory quote.

Q: Can Mulan accept customized production?

A: Mulan has been focusing on custom-made OEM precision parts for 20 years. In 2014, it increased the rapid prototype manufacturing business of custom parts.

Q: Can Mulan optimize my product design?

A: This is Mulan's basic service. We will optimize the design and ensure low-cost production according to the actual production and assembly of the product. And it's free.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Mulan does not limit the MOQ, helping more global SMEs to make better products.

Q: Is there any after sales service?
A: Mulan has a strong after-sales team, 7 * 24 hours English online consultation, serving every country in the world.

Q: Can I submit samples?

A: After mold development, we can submit free samples. For moldless products, we can submit samples within 7 days and charge a small amount of working hours (when it is mass produced, it will be included in the total order).

Q: The usual delivery time?
A: Mulan is subject to the contract and meets the delivery period, usually 7-20 working days.

Q: How do I know the production status of my product?
A: There will be production progress feedback, photos or videos every week, and submit a quality inspection report before shipment.

Q: Acceptable payment methods?
A: Flexible payment methods that satisfy all businesses. Paypal, wire transfer, etc.

Q: Can I visit the production base?
A: Your visit is very welcome, and transportation services such as airport pick-up and hotel are provided. We believe Mulan's production base will not let you down.

Q: Does Mulan's production have ISO quality certification?
A: We have obtained ISO9001 quality system certification for 6 years.

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